Thursday, 27 September 2012

Olympia Beauty Tradeshow 2012

On Monday past (24th Sept) I went to the Olympia beauty tradeshow in London AND IT WAS GIRLY HEAVEN!! I've never been to anything like this before but as I intend to study makeup and my friend makes beauty videos on YouTube (bellabeaubeauty if you are wondering) we thought it would be fun.
We arrived at 11am and were completely overwhelmed with the amount of people there (some were famous eek) and also all the lovely makeup and products and services offered. We walked around the stands, which all offered amazing discounts on anything from false lashes to makeup to brushes to teeth whitening to fake tan. It was so nice to meet many brand ambassadors, especially familiar faces like Gary Cockerill who is Katie Prices makeup artist. If only I had been brave enough to say hello (shyness IS a disease people!)
After having bought a few lovely things from Nyx, Royal and Langnickel, Ardell and Models Co we headed up to the "press cloud", were given goody bags and I had my nails done by the genius Andrew from Filthy Gorgeous. We met some of the people from the brands mentioned above and hopefully I will have some exciting news and posts coming up after having chatted to them. We also watched the Makeup Artist of the Year awards being handed out by Lizzie Cundy which was so exciting, and caught a demo by Muse London which is the makeup school i hope to attend. Nicci Jackson is an incredible makeup artist and her editorial look on the model was stunning.
As you can tell, I gotta lotta stuff! Reviews and my thoughts on these will be coming up once I get the chance to use them all.

I had a fantastic day at Olympia and would recommend anyone who is interested in going to get there next year.

Thanks for reading
Love, Steph xxx


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Just a quick hello :)

So.. my main reason for creating this blog is to give myself somewhere to unleash my passion for makeup, and to talk (or write,really) about it without seeing someone roll their eyes when I start talking about the latest new product that I want to get, or the new collection that's being released etc. This eye rolling stuff happens a lot because I don't care who I'm talking to about it, be it my long-suffering partner or my 17 month old baby. Yep, I do that. Please someone tell me I'm not alone?!?

As I'm new to all this blogging malarkey I would ask that anyone reading bears with me whilst I figure it all out..links,pictures etc are all a jumble in my mind at the minute but with the aid of my computer whizz friend I'm sure ill get there eventually(hi Steph) ;)

Just a bit about myself to finish- my name is Steph, I'm 27 years young, I have three gorgeous children and I PROMISE I have other interests outside of makeup. I go to Slimming World, I like the gym, love to read and I watch a lot of YouTube videos(makeup tutorials of course). I am Irish(no jokes please) and very proud to be :))

My next post will most likely be a bit about the Olympia Beauty show, which I went to in London yesterday, and the lovely products I got from there, and the people I met.

Thanks for reading if you've managed to make it to the end!

Love, Steph xxx