Monday, 2 September 2013

Beauty Chamber UK

Like many other bloggers, I'm always on the lookout for websites stocking beauty products which aren't readily available on the high street. I saw a few posts written about the Koren Zander brush shampoo and I went over to to check it out as it got such great reviews. Whilst browsing I was (way too) excited to see the Real Techniques version of the beauty blender also on the website. Anything Real Techniques release has to be mine so I placed an order for these 2 items. What I didn't expect was such a brilliant delivery time and customer service. I placed my order Thursday morning and received it less than 24hours later, well packaged and with the added extra of a Sigma E05 eyeliner brush. I've been wanting to try Sigma brushes forever and this may be the start of a dangerous obsession. I haven't used any of these items yet, but the brush shampoo in Pearberry (£8.50)smells amazing and I cant wait to try the sponge(£4.99)and the brush (cheeky freebie). I'm delighted with the service I received and would highly recommend the website. Have you got any other website recommendations? 
Thanks for reading, Love Steph xxx