Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The stuff I don't like TAG

This tag has been going around YouTube but I thought I'd write a post about it, I think it helps people get to know a person a bit better if they know what pisses them off! So here are a few things that rattle my cage...
1. People invading my personal space. If you are talking to me, please don't get all up in my face. I hate it when someone needs their head to be practically touching yours during a conversation, it just makes me feel awkward and cringey. If u see me moving back whilst you talk to me, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE, back it up a bit!!! Lol!
2. People who try to make you feel inferior to them. This is self-explanatory.
3. Very thick over drawn eyebrows or very thin over plucked eyebrows. Find the happy medium :)
4. Claw-like false nails, with dirt underneath *shivers* yuck yuck yuck.
5. Leggings as trousers when the leggings are see through. You offend my eyes. Wear another pair.
6. People who are incapable of talking about anything other than themselves, and who will always find a way to bring the conversation back to them, I just can't be arsed and I will scream.
7. Judgemental people. Nobody has the right to judge anyone unless you know the full story and set of circumstances behind every situation. Unless maybe you are an actual judge :-/
8. Those people who are always right. But I think I might be one of them lol!
9. Spiders. I have mentioned this before. Their very existence offends me. It's a fucking liberty.
10. People who don't like Irish people. Hehe!
11. People who never get drunk but instead just watch and store all the info to try and embarrass you in your hungover state the day after.
12. People who need to know the price of everything you buy or have ever bought.
I could go on and on but I think if I do I'll sound like a bitch and I promise I'm not in. In real life I'm very laid back and easygoing, and there's very few people I don't or can't get along with, this is just a light hearted list of stuff that is an irritation. Do you agree or disagree with anything I've written? I tag anyone reading to write their post and leave me a comment so I can check it out.
Thanks for reading, Love Steph xoxox


  1. I so could have written this myself! Lol x

  2. Love this post so similar to the things I dislike :) x