Saturday, 19 January 2013

Boots No.7 Brush Cleaner

Welcome to my first post of 2013, after a very long Xmas and New Year break. Hope Santa was good to you all and you had a lovely NYE! Now let's get down to the makeup business!
I've been searching high and low for a brush cleaner on the high street. I can't always get to a makeup counter and I'm too impatient to shop online a lot of the time. It's only when I actually worked in Boots over the Christmas period that I discovered No.7 stock a brush cleaner HA LAY LOO YAH!! I actually had to hide one to buy on my break-I can admit this now my contract has finished ;)
Boots No.7 makeup brush cleaner costs £8 for 185ml. This sounds quite expensive considering the mac one is only slightly more but if you are budget savvy like me, you'll purchase this when the renowned £5 off vouchers for No.7 are knocking about and get it for £3. Bargain!
No.7 say "This product is a quick fix when you don't have time to soak your brushes. Spray a paper towel or tissue with cleanser before sweeping brush bristles across the damp cloth. Let hairs dry before applying makeup."
I love this stuff! It's so quick and easy to clean brushes now after every use if you are a bit OCD like me, or even in the middle of an eye look where you need the same brush for a different colour. The brush dries within a couple of minutes. Also, I use revlon colour stay foundation which seems to stain my brushes, but after I've used the brush I give it a quick clean with this cleanser, which means when I go to deep clean my brushes with baby shampoo it's much easier to get the stains out. I like the fact it comes with a pump to. Less wastage. I'm so happy I found this, and so happy I can tell people it exists as I haven't read any other posts or reviews on it! If you already use it or intend to let me know what you think.
Thanks for reading, Love Steph xxx


  1. Why did I not see this post before I went shopping today?! I was in Boots and I even have one of those vouchers haha This is something I'm looking for right now. Thanks for posting on it :) x

  2. Hope u get a hold of it with your voucher :) x

  3. Thanks for tweeting this to me :)

    It sounds pretty good, I have a voucher but not sure if it would cover this as it says for skincare. I will try my luck!

    Amy xx
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