Saturday, 8 June 2013

How I store my makeup

I decided to share how I store my makeup in a post today-it's not perfect and I have issues keeping my kids grubby little mitts off my goodies so I am intending on getting a more sturdy set of drawers in the near future from Ikea to match my malm dresser. But for now this is it.
As I mentioned, I use the malm desk from ikea as my dresser, on top of which are my brushes, stored in a couple of pen/stationery holders. These are a shiny black quilted texture and were a bargain at £2.99 each from Home Bargains. My lipsticks stay in acrylic holders which I got from eBay for £3.49 each, these are so handy as I can keep each brand stored together, or colour co-ordinate if I want, and it means with them all on display I don't forget about things I've bought.
On my windowsill beside the desk I keep my Sleek and MUA eyeshadow palettes in an old glossy box and my MAC and Stila palettes are slotted alongside.
Directly under the dresser is a small set of bathroom storage drawers which holds the bulk of my stash. I bought this a couple of years ago from Argos, and the dividers in some of the drawers I inserted myself-they're made of fabric and are wardrobe organisers from Ikea. In the top drawer I keep base products-foundation, concealer, powder, highlighters and bronzers. The separated section is all blush.
In the second drawer I keep lip pencils, with the divider holding lip glosses.
The third drawer is home to eye pencils, false lashes, liquid and gel liners and spare mascara.
The bottom drawer and my favourite one is for all my loose eyeshadows, smaller palettes, pigments and eyeshadow bases.
How do you store your makeup? Thanks for reading, Love Steph xxx


  1. Woah, you have loads! My collection is tiiiiny compared to yours haha xx

    1. Lol I didn't think I had that much! Though I am trying to be good, haven't bought anything in over a month :) xxx

  2. omg look at all ur palettes! and the lipsticks... :)) xx