Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Favourite Youtubers <3

YouTube is my TV. Some people relax watching the soaps etc but when I have spare time I'm glued to any and all makeup tutorials, hauls and tips and tricks on YouTube. I think it's a brilliant way of learning and applying new techniques to your makeup in real life, without having to pay to do a course in makeup. It also gives me a heads up on new releases which I love, but my poor purse definitely does not!! So anyway, I thought I'd list and summarise who I watch and why and share with you :)
My number 1 and ultimate favourites to watch. I'm sure everyone knows but Pixiwoo are sisters and makeup artists Sam Chapman and Nic Haste. They are fantastic at what they do, naturals in front of the camera and their tutorials are second to none. Sam introduced Real Techniques brushes to the world and they're much hyped and my personal favourite. Can't praise the channel enough!

Another fantastic makeup artist, with a beautiful face and personality to match, love her tutorials.

This guy makes me laugh! He teaches brilliantly but also has a lot of insider knowledge on brands and the naughty things they do that we should know, and is very informative on product ingredient lists etc.

Louise's channel is a fun filled wonderful place to be, she's bubbly, funny, relatable and I heart her. She appeals to me because she's a mummy who loves makeup just like me, and when I watch her I feel happy because she's so infectious.

I grouped these two together(but they're separate channels) because they're both fantastic makeup artists and the very best thing of all is they're Irish :-D

A gorgeous girl and a really solid makeup artist, I learn something new from every tutorial I watch.

This girl blows me away. She's not even twenty yet and if I had even half of her makeup skills I'm sure I'd be successful in makeup artistry. She edits her videos brilliantly and gives me the giggles!

This is Natalie, who I watch because not only do I enjoy her videos but also I could imagine being her friend. She is brilliant at makeup but she also talks about weight loss and fashion, and she's so humble and lovely. She deserves many many more subscribers than she has. Love her!!

Last but not least is one of my very best friends. I'm not even biased I promise! Steph started as a beauty channel and evolved into a vlogger/weightloss guru/MUA/mummy rep/inspirational all round funny girl. Her videos always keep me on my toes because I never know what she's going to upload next. Steph has a very exciting series coming up soon and I predict big things for her channel.

So there we have it. I have SO many more on my YouTube subscription list but I don't want to bore you, these are my very very favourite and if you don't watch them, go look them up on YouTube! Tell em I sent you ;)
Thanks for reading, Love Steph xxx

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  1. you should check out MissGlamorazzi/TheGridMonster. She is an amazing YouTuber & makeup guru.
    I love most of the ones you have mentioned as well. :)
    Stay beautiful,
    Lorraine Xx