Tuesday, 2 October 2012

How much do we have in common?/50 things about me

My lovely blogging friend made a YouTube video with this title and invited people to post a response to see how much they have in common, so here are 50 random facts about me,
1. I HATE spiders
2. My favourite colour is blue, but I also love green, being Irish and all
3. I tweet mainly when I am a wee bit tipsy at the weekend
4. I don't live near my family
5. I'm obsessive about cleaning-my house, myself, my kids...my initials should be OCD
6. My daddy is in heaven
7. I have three children
8. I love trashy tv- Geordie Shore, TOWIE, Big Brother all keep me entertained
9. I read the last Harry Potter book in 7 hours (yep,weird)
10. I started, but dropped out of two uni degrees
11. I can speak French
12. My favourite film is Grease
13. I secretly believe in leprechauns...
14. ...and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow :)
15. I try to be a glass half full kinda girl
16. I'm obsessed with printing and framing pictures straight after they've been taken
17. I don't believe in ghosts
18. I have to cuddle something at night, even if its just the pillow
19. I'd rather be too cold than too warm
20. I'm obsessed with makeup
21. I don't like my hair
22. People in positions of authority make me nervous
23. I absolutely hate judgmental people
24. I've never been stung by a bee/wasp. Mainly cuz I run screaming when I see one.
25. My favourite singer/artist is probably Rihanna.
26. I cannot dance but I think I can when I'm drunk hehe
27. I'm addicted to Diet Coke
28. I hardly ever wear a coat. I'm Irish. It's cold in Ireland and we're hardcore!!
29. I love love love shoes. Your size never changes no matter what weight you are and they're pretty
30. I'm super shy until I get to know you
31. I have blue eyes
32. I like to freeze my grapes (try it,yum yum)
33. I could watch Shrek 2 over and over and over
34. I'm in dire need of a night out
35. I've been with my partner for 10 years this month. He needs to marry me soon!!
36. I play with my hair when I'm tired
37. I can't sit still for too long
38. I used to make my sister eat daisies when we were younger...
39. ..and I in turn ate grass to make her eat the daisies
40. I only have one sister and would have loved an older brother
41. I loved school but wish I had been a bit more confident
42. I can't eat in bed. I wasn't allowed when I was younger and it just feels wrong!
43. I'm not very good at using computers, can you tell?!?
44. I do a "spider check" of my room every night before I go to bed
45. If you piss my friends off you will piss me off
46. I've never had a physical fight
47. Pyjamas are my favourite clothes and I think everyone should wear them all of the time
48. I would never go to Australia. Because of the spiders. I'm serious!
49. I'm terrified of flying.
50. I would love for you, yes YOU, to follow my blog :))

Thank you so much for reading.
Love, Steph xxx


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  2. 19 :) and im a new follower :) x

    1. Thank you soooo much for following I really appreciate it :) xxx

  3. I got 15, please check out my blog and do the what we have in common tag.

    It's allthingspretty-rara.blogspot.co.uk
    Thank you

    1. I definitely will, thanks for reading xxx