Friday, 5 October 2012

Royal and Langnickel Pink Essentials Brush Set

When I went to Olympia Beauty (see previous post for more on this) I was so excited to see this brand had a stand there. I have heard a little bit about Royal and Langnickel but its not featured on blogs and YouTube as much as some other brands so I decided to review the brush set I bought on the day. Royal and Langnickel are an American company set up in the 1940's. They originally manufactured paint brushes before moving into the cosmetic brush industry.

This is the 13pc Pink Essentials synthetic filament brush set, pictured above. I bought this on the day at a discount for £20 but I believe it retails for around £35. The website where this and all other brush sets can be found is

First of all I need to address the colour. Yes, I'm 27 but anything pink will draw me in! Some people may think these look a bit cheap or tacky but I think they're very cute and look so different to all my black handled brushes. Never judge a book by its cover! I also love the compact pink case which folds to be about the size of my purse, so easy to carry.

Included in this set are a powder brush, blush brush, sponge applicator, large eye shader, finishing fan, medium eye shader, smudger, lash spoolie, angled brow brush, detailed liner, brow/lash comb, concealer brush and finally the foundation brush.

The reason I bought the brushes aside from the girly pink colour, was the bristles-they are sooo soft. They are also synthetic which means they can be used with both powder and cream products. They feel very light to hold and the length of the handle is neither too long nor too short. I won't go through every single brush as that might be a bit tedious so what I will mention are the key likes and dislikes in the kit.

All of the eye brushes in the kit are perfectly functional and they get the job done, but for me it would have been nice to see a fluffier brush for eyeshadow blending. I also don't really see the need for a spoolie AND the brow/lash comb but that's just personal choice. The powder brush is lovely, so soft and brilliant for setting your foundation without depositing too much product. I love the concealer brush too, it didn't leave any streaks, and whilst flat foundation brushes are not my favourite (my real techniques buffing brush has spoilt me) this one is good and again deposits product well without soaking too much up. I do like the blush brush but found that I had to reapply the colour a couple of times to get the colour payoff. The fan brush...hmm...does anyone really use these? I'll happily admit they confuse me and if anyone would like to enlighten me as to a use for it, apart from tickling my kiddies, go ahead and let me know!!

I've washed the brushes a few times now and haven't found any problems with shedding, they dry quickly and are easy to reshape. All in all I think this brush set is not thee most fantastic but for the price the quality is brilliant. I don't think you can ever have enough brushes and these are a welcome addition to my collection..they would be brilliant for a starter in makeup or if you are just looking to build up your makeup collection. Royal and Langnickel are a company worth checking out. They manufacture brushes at all price points and they have three ranges which are pricier than this with ascending levels of quality obviously, so this isn't even near to their most premium range. I was also lucky enough to get a sneak peek at their new set they have coming out which is top of the range and called Revolution (pronounced our-evolution) and it is INSANE. I cannot wait to get my hands on it because I was just wowed. Seriously excited for it. Go, check them out!!

Thanks for reading,
Love, Steph xxx