Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beauty Things I SUCK at!

Two Irish Youtubers- LetzMakeup and SharonFarrell have done this tag and I loved watching it! They're both makeup artists sharing the fact that even they're not perfect at all things beauty. I'm not a makeup artist but thought I'd share the things I'm crap at! I tag everyone reading! Let me know if you do this tag :)
1. Hair
I'm at s**t with hair! I can do a ponytail, a half arsed plait on myself and I can straighten my hair. That's where my hair adventures end! I'd love to be able to do different things especially as my hair is quite long but alas I lack any skill.
2. Nails
Being right handed I can paint my left hand nails fairly well, but my right hand nails always look a bit dodgy. Neither am I artistic enough to do anything interesting than a bit of glitter on top.
3. Fake Tan
I have neither the patience or the desire to apply tan. It always goes patchy if I try it on myself, I can't reach my back etc and have never had a spray tan-I just don't think I could rock the paper panties ;) it's ok though I'm Irish so I'm meant to be pale, right?
4. Eyeliner
I cannot convey how frustrated I get when I try to do winged eyeliner symmetrically. I get one eye done, I'm happy, but then can never match the other eye. Makes me want to scream.
5. Mascara
I can apply mascara, but I think we all manage to get little blobs on our lid, nose, cheek etc at one time or another. I also seem to have long eyelashes on one eye and shorter thicker ones on the other eye which can be very annoying.
6. Bright Lipstick
Putting this on neatly and to my satisfaction I can do, as long as you give me half an hour to do it.
7. Plucking my Eyebrows
Wouldn't even attempt it and wouldn't know where to start, I leave this to the professionals.
So that's my list, what are you crap at?!
Thanks for reading, Love Steph xxx


  1. Arghhh I know what you mean about the one eye having longer eyelashes I have the same problem one eye has nice bottom eyelashes and the other has sparse really long ones LOL!

    Jamie-Lee x

    1. Haha it's so annoying! I usually curl the shorter lashes but not the others to try to even them out!xxx