Saturday, 16 March 2013

My Irish habits

So I am Irish as you may know, and with it being St.Patricks day tomorrow I thought I'd compile a list of things which are Irish quirks,or sayings or characteristics that have been pointed out to me by friends who are not Irish! In other words these are the things non Irish people take the piss out of me for.
1. My ability to drink.
I will never ever be the first to go to bed, I will never ever tell you to go home because I'm tired when having a few drinks, indeed if you do try to leave before I deem the night over I will try to imprison you in my house til I'm quite finished :))
2. Saying whenever instead of when.
This has been pointed out to me over and over again that I overuse the word "whenever" I.e "whenever I was younger" instead of "when I was younger" I don't know who is grammatically correct in these situations but because tomorrow is Paddys Day lets just say its me.
3. Potatoes
I do like potatoes, and in the past have been greeted with a high pitched "pertatoes" in a dodgy Irish accent. However I know there are other food groups too :)
4. My accent
This amuses my friends endlessly. I think they're jealous.
5. Scallions
A scallion is a spring onion. Scallion is a nicer shorter word and it's less confusing. Spring onion implies there should be an onion for all seasons.
6. Supper
Supper seems to be an Irish thing. It's like breakfast, but in the evening before you go to bed, in case your tummy isn't filled from the many potato-based meals during the day. Supper is administered particularly by grannies and great aunts and if not eaten they will be mortally offended. Think Mrs Doyle from Father Ted with the tea.
7. My love of the colour green
As I no longer live on the Emerald Isle, I like to stay true to my roots by having an obsession with the colour green.
8. More strange foods
Apparently non-Irish folks have never had the pleasure of fadge(potato bread), soda bread, Denny ham, Coleraine cheddar, Nambarrie tea bags, or Tayto cheese and onion. When I talk of these things I'm met by blank states and confused faces. IT'S NOT ME THAT'S WIERD IT'S YOU IF YOU'VE NEVER TRIED THESE THINGS.
This post is meant to be tongue in cheek and should not offend anyone. If it does ill set my leprechaun on you :)
I hope everyone has a brilliant St.Patricks Day! Thank you for reading, Love Steph xxx


  1. I want to visit Ireland
    Im 1/4 Irish on my dads side so id like to see some of my heritage